By amél, Oct 11 2013 09:10PM

Congrats to Amel rider & No.1 northern monkey Jon Russell on winning the only invitational to the Shoreditch Showdown!

By amél, Sep 10 2013 07:34PM

Good news monkey cowboys, the newest selection of super shit-warm thermals are currently winging their way from our brothers in the States and will be available here very soon. This season we have both guys and chicks designs to tickle you nice!!

By amél, May 12 2013 06:40PM

Hey, do you ride gnarly mountain bikes? Yeah. Well the amel base layers work real good for wicking during the summer hill months. So dont bother buying new gear, just use the same shred layer for wheel shredding! Who says we dont give you owt for nowt!

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